About Adam Sports

Adam Sports, a division of Adam Studios, aims to redefine and build a new type of modern and lean talent and athlete agency. It aligns the goals of brands and talent to create meaningful and financially viable partnerships that achieve the desired goals for all parties.

Our team has spent the better half of a decade crafting and building relationships with some of the best brands in the industry and acutely understand both the brand and talent relationship from both sides.

We exist to maximize the career and post-career opportunities for our talents under management


Building the Brand 

We help build and develop the individual brands of our athletes. A strong brand is the development of trust through multiple touch points ranging from art direction and messaging to editorial & content direction.

Content Creation

We work with our athletes to create relevant and authentic content that speaks to both the talent's brand and the positioning of our partners. We provide both partners and athletes with a one-stop production service.

Business Development

Our ongoing discussions with our athletes ensure we have a pulse on their personal interests and help seek out opportunities that maximize their outcomes both from a brand and financial perspective.  

Roster of Talents

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